Venice Spring Fling
These artists were featured at last years show at Windward Plaza Park, Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ra Ra SuperStar
Ra Ra Superstar will be in the Venice Spring Fling art show on May 12, 2012 Internationally Known - Japan - Holland - LA - Italy - NYC - Miami - Jamaica - Africa and if u really want to know about me read on : Most people want to know how I started to paint . Since its such a big part of my life . Well I was in New York trying to find my self I was sleeping on the Brooklyn Bridge with my drum and my suitcase and I met an artist. His name was Pep. I spent 7 nights on the bridge, people would come and bring me food and drinks and all kind of kind gestures .Even the people who sold fruits and cakes in manhattan 3 times a week saw me living on the bridge and they all gave me free food wouldn let me pay I would drum all day and only leave the bridge to eat and use the restroom. I got to know the joggers, tourist and the people who comute every morning and would see me still sleep with my drum in my arms on the bench it was hard but I birth myself and in my darkest moment Pep showed up and offered me a night at his house to rest and eat so I went. I was amazed from the moment I walked in his house he painted on all the walls and there was nudes hanging on the walls everywhere and he lived with his agent who sells his art to his buddys he works with on Wall Steet. It was a flash and I wanted to be an artist from that moment well I called a friend to wire me money for a bus ticket then I went to Detroit and I hit the lottery and me and my daughter bought art supplies and painted my first picture together. Hometown: venice beach california Country: United States Occupation: international art superstar, i sam selling on venice beach for 14 years
Martha C. Wilson
Martha C. Wilson: I am a fun artist with a serious mission to spread peace, joy and lava love to all who view and purchase my art. When I am not painting on canvas, I am painting murals, illustrating for LAUSD, and selling my note cards. My website is
"I snort when I laugh and I am good at math"
Joel Harris

It was on a journey on The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, where I understood clearly that I am an artist. Seeking clarity in my life, I had quit my job, sold everything I owned, and traveled to France and Spain to volunteer on organic farms. While there I hiked 350 miles across Northern Spain along this ancient pilgrimage route. I had time to think about my life without distractions and I realized how much I loved art. I had been drawing since I was a child and always loved looking at art, learning about art, and using my imagination. It gives me a feeling of freedom when I am involved in creativity. Upon returning from Spain, I moved to Portland, Oregon where I started experimenting with watercolor and acrylic paint. In 2003 I began showing my artwork in cafes and restaurants. Within the year, I had paintings on display in several galleries in Oregon and Northern California. After several years of success in the art world, I had the opportunity to take another transformative journey. Once again, I sold everything I owned, and traveled to Peru where I lived in a native Shipibo community near Pucallpa on the edge of the Amazon. After this one-year break from painting, it was time to head back to America, where I currently live In Topanga, CA. My landscapes reflect my experience while traveling in Europe and South America. They express the stillness, presence, and peacefulness that I feel within. In 2008, when I became a father, I added small child-like houses, making my paintings light-hearted, playful, and whimsical. They help me reconnect with my own inner-child. My most recent body of work is a shift to painting from a deeper level of subconscious, unspoken inspiration, and I enjoy sharing this with others.
Nuo Liu’s artwork is classified as urban cute. She likes to combine her love for all things cute with a bit of swag. Her main character is CJ the Monkey, a stylish monkey who likes to go on adventures. By using simple and clean designs, Nuo hopes to spread a positive message in the arts and encourage others to do the same. Website:
Eric Evenson is an only child, and the apple of Jean and Paul Evenson’s eyes. Shortly after winning his first art contest in second grade, Eric almost received detention. The art instructor was unable to believe a realistic shoe could be rendered so well at such a young age. Eric and his childhood friends created over one hundred comic books during several harsh North Dakota winters. Shortly after his parents’ untimely deaths, he was encouraged by his grandparents (Otto and Donna Evenson) to pursue creative projects for life. In 2011, Donna Evenson was placed in the North Dakota Hall of Fame for her contributions to the expansion of the art community in the midwest. Jaded by the current state of art at the time, Eric traveled in search of something new, while painting psychedelic sidewalk and wall murals throughout America. In 1996, he ended up in San Diego, California. At this time, Eric was hired by Kamans Art Shoppes to draw live caricatures and portraits, allowing him to work with every top party art agent in Southern California. With the accelerated learning curve forced on him, Eric quickly teamed up with other artists, including Tou Vue, a virtuoso who has collaborated on and inspired much of Eric’s work. DJ Schugar shone a light on the value and impact of live painting on San Diego’s hungry nightlife revelers. While forging friendships and gaining inspiration from live artists like Sean Deitrich and Vincent Gordon, and after immersing himself countless times in the crowded nightclubs and bars of San Diego, Eric’s own style finally emerged. Finessed through years of training and commissioned work, Eric’s technique is now “flawless”, he pinky promises. His original and emotionally infused pieces can now be found and enjoyed at countless venues throughout the U.S.
Regeneration-Art seeks to find a common thread in the world and art: an appreciation for the beauty around us. Starting from local sources of material, from the local industries to the natural environment, the goal is to create something new. The result is wild, and unexpected things take form in the studio, with life, beauty, art. In the raw, these materials represent potential. Maybe something new, with a new life and character. Maybe something else to appreciate too, something less visible: A use for the useless, a second chance for the used, a purpose for the untapped. A chance to reclaim the world around us. Paris Davis
art by sky
art by sky Painting, for me, is an expression of my connection to the universe, the present moment and all that is. My paintings express my love of nature, beauty, light, & color. Painting is where I give thanks for all the beauty, joy, & abundance of the universe. I believe in a world of joy, peace, love & good will to all beings. Painting gives this world focus for me. It is my hope and belief that this joy & love is transferred to all who see my paintings. May they touch the light in you ! EN-JOY link to FB page:
Kai Martin is a locally-raised San Diego artist, born in January of 1986. He spent most of his childhood drawing, and thrived with his family’s loving and constant support. Like other kids his age, he perused the latest comics, cartoons, and video games. He began realizing that he had even more fun creating his own imaginary universes, characters, and projects. The freedom to create anything he could imagine on canvas sparked his artistic passion. Kai nurtured his talents with private art classes at Neko Press Art Studios. Since then, Kai has been live painting for almost 4 years. He painted on stage with his friend’s band, Silent Armada, at venues including SOMA, Chain Reaction, Epicentre, Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, and Rock Bottom. He met local artists Sean Dietrich and Vincent Gordon, as well as The Infusion Project head honcho, DJ Schugar. They gave him opportunities to do live painting at clubs, such as The Ivy, Stingaree, W Hotel, Ruby Room, and many more. However, Kai’s unique style and blend of influences (eg. cartooning, art house films, and black metal) is best suited for comics, and he is currently at work on his first drama/horror graphic novel series, Fruition, with co-writer and high school friend Anthony Trevino. Fruition is slated to hit comic book shelves in early 2012.
Alex Avila, originally from San Antonio, is a self-taught artist who made his start in art five years ago around the time he moved to San Diego. He quickly fell in love with the city’s raw urban landscape, and its juxtaposition to the gritty harshness of the streets and the way in which it cavorted with the utopian illusion of archetypal sunny beaches that cast a semblance of the “tourist’s playground”. Alex Avila’s art is ironically showcased in the sense that it takes the spectator (the REAL tourist) and shows that the truth, beauty, and pulsating nerve of San Diego lies much deeper beyond the city as being a destination to witness jumping orcas, the zoo, and the beaches. He draws his inspiration from what he sees while riding the city’s public transit, walking the streets, and cycling through the various neighborhoods. The accoutrements of humanity’s darker sides are revealed using singular and sometimes dual, bold colors against the brushings that build the bones of that humanity: pain, love, loss, monotonous toil, survival, and the grind.
Jim Chelius
Jim Chelius My art explores our natural propensity for abstract thought. This concept has grown and evolved throughout my artistic career. I focus on the experience now. I let the creative process reveal the conceptual ideas and final design for a piece. My work explores spirituality, love, interconnectedness, and our ability to dream and express the full spectrum of human emotions. I have always been passionate and completely distracted by my own fascination– fascination for nature, art, music, film, and writing. I grew up on The Doctor, Silverstein, and Calvin and his tiger. I was drawn to names like Hendrix, Morrison, Vonnegut, and Kerouac. I was inspired by vivid imagery, eloquent words, experimental sound, thought-provoking concepts, and abstract perspectives. Watching live performance (from cosmic rock compositions to the powerful poetry of hip hop) taught me the art of improvisation. I strive to bring this freestyle approach to my live, experience-based paintings. It’s a release of emotion through free-flowing, unfiltered thoughts. Approaching a piece without pre-conceived concepts allows me to break down my own artistic boundaries. With my progression in the realm of performance art, I continue to evolve through collaboration, experimentation, and an open-minded approach to all things artistic. I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, I studied art in Florida, and now I’m eager and excited to continue my growth in California. I approach each day as a wide-eyed observer, embracing everything and immersing myself in a world of creativity.
Jonny Elder
Jonny Elder: I was born in San Diego, California and raised in a smaller town surrounded by concrete towers and monotonous scenery named Claremont. Growing up near Pacific Beach, I took every opportunity I had to surf and drink in the swelling of the waves and the rhythm the water created around me. During middle school I was fortunate enough to stumble upon art classes being offered and took every class I could. As the years rolled by I decided to enroll in a Media Arts program at Platt College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree shortly after. Knowing that art was my passion, I decided not to settle by accepting a nine to five office job and instead worked a lot of dead end jobs to get by – while continuing to pursue my true love, art. Currently, I am living in Mammoth Lakes, California and working on various projects including the ones exhibited today. My website,, showcases my up to date projects and upcoming events. I continue everyday to find inspiration in life and use a canvas and paint as my medium to share my creation with the world in order to establish myself as a professional artist. I didn’t choose to be an artist; it was brought upon me and I have decided to use this gift in order to express my love for art and the world that inspires it.
Billy Pacak’s sculptures have been featured in exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including the FLAG Art Foundation in New York City and the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Indiana. In Los Angeles, he has had exhibitions at the Antebellum Gallery, the Speakeasy Gallery, the Ultrastar Gallery, and the Beehive Gallery. In addition, he participated in the traveling invitational exhibition “The Dirty Show.” Pacak’s work is in numerous private collections, including Glenn Fuhrman of New York City.
Reena Antonishak

Born in Wyandotte, Michigan, USA, Reena Antonishak received a Bachelor’s of Art degree from Central Michigan University in drawing and painting. She soon moved to California and took residence in Venice. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States. Read individually her paintings are of forceful notation, bold geometries and a kind of default mode that tends towards abstraction. Seen together or in sequence, they disclose a lot about process. Gesture competes with geometry and strong diagonals, setting up lively tensions within the markings. The artist states, “I am not interested in dissolving the form, but looking for abstraction in the figure, not destroying it in the process.”
Mary Cheung came to America when she was 2 and grew up in San Francisco where she spent her childhood roaming the streets in all of the colorful neighborhoods. Going to American school in the mornings and Chinese school at night. Any free hours where spent helping out the family with work. Growing up in a family of eight, money was tight and it was always a struggle. But those were always the happiest memories of her life. “when you don’t have a lot, you make do with what you have and you use your imagination a lot.” It was evident early on that she always had a love for the arts and made and drew on anything that was available and that she could use that didn'’t costs any money. One of the first serious pieces that she painted was done on a cardstock piece of paper that was a calendar freebee give away; because it was large enough to paint something on. Grabbing hold of a few more of those, she was able to paint a couple more pieces. An avid comic book reader and fantasy genre type books; she drew many comic book style figures early as a teenager. Because she was a big fan of the funny section in the new papers; she also drew many “comic” style satires in black and white. “I remember being so inspired by people like Berke Breathe and Calvin and Hobbs. I was awed by how they could express what they wanted to, bring their own opinions about something and still give it a humorous spin.” What formal art training she had was just any standard courses that was available through school and a sculpture, photography class she took during summer school. Most of it was self taught. Once when she showed her dad some newspaper style comixs she drew, her dad remarked how she could go to work for the paper, drawing comixs. I remember thinking, "…”no"”, I wanted a medium that will give me more freedom and no restrictions as to what I can draw, paint or write. Which is why you will find that her art is very personal to her, bringing to canvas or print things that move her deeply and always as a way of expressing a part of her soul and what she has to say that only her finished product can express. It might not be rainbows and unicorns, but if it moves you than it has done what I have set out to do; to …stir up feelings in you to come out. She earned an A.A. degree from the Fashion Institute of Designing and Merchandising and spent her early year working in the garment industry designing and excelling at tailoring. Answering and ad out of school for a seamstress/tailor, she ended up working on "“Return of the Living Dead”", making clothes. She was hooked; from that point on and she switched over to working in the film industry. Eventually she expanded her career to Costume Designing, aging, dying, working on the set as a costumer; all of that fulfills her creativity and financial needs. But her Children, Painting and Photography will always be her first love. (and in that order..) WEBSITE:
Biljana Milasin - Originally from European, born and raised in Germany with Bosnian parents, Biljana Milasin experienced extensive travel throughout the world. During this time she uncovered her deep passion for capturing life’s beauty. Now she is an award-winning photographer located in the Westside. Her talent is depicted in Fine Art Photography. She enjoys Environmental Portraits and Photojournalism for both tell a story. Commercial and Event Photography reflect her skills in a technical way. Her passion can be seen in every image. With attention to detail and the love for her work every image becomes an expression of beauty.

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