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Ra Ra SuperStar

Ra Ra Superstar will be in the Venice Spring Fling art show on May 12, 2012 Internationally Known - Japan - Holland - LA - Italy - NYC - Miami - Jamaica - Africa and if u really want to know about me read on : Most people want to know how I started to paint . Since its such a big part of my life . Well I was in New York trying to find my self I was sleeping on the Brooklyn Bridge with my drum and my suitcase and I met an artist. His name was Pep. I spent 7 nights on the bridge, people would come and bring me food and drinks and all kind of kind gestures .Even the people who sold fruits and cakes in manhattan 3 times a week saw me living on the bridge and they all gave me free food wouldn let me pay I would drum all day and only leave the bridge to eat and use the restroom. I got to know the joggers, tourist and the people who comute every morning and would see me still sleep with my drum in my arms on the bench it was hard but I birth myself and in my darkest moment Pep showed up and offered me a night at his house to rest and eat so I went. I was amazed from the moment I walked in his house he painted on all the walls and there was nudes hanging on the walls everywhere and he lived with his agent who sells his art to his buddys he works with on Wall Steet. It was a flash and I wanted to be an artist from that moment well I called a friend to wire me money for a bus ticket then I went to Detroit and I hit the lottery and me and my daughter bought art supplies and painted my first picture together. Hometown: venice beach california Country: United States Occupation: international art superstar, i have been selling on venice beach for 16 years now.

art by sky has confirmed participation on May 31, 2014! Painting, for me, is an expression of my connection to the universe, the present moment and all that is. My paintings express my love of nature, beauty, light, & color. Painting is where I give thanks for all the beauty, joy, & abundance of the universe. I believe in a world of joy, peace, love & good will to all beings. Painting gives this world focus for me. It is my hope and belief that this joy & love is transferred to all who see my paintings. May they touch the light in you ! EN-JOY
Audrey McNamara
Born in Denver, Colorado in the summer of 1982, Audrey McNamara showed signs of a talent for art at a very young age. as a child, drawing was pure play for Audrey and she spent many hours up at her drawing table, tool in hand. during her teenage years the artist nonchalantly won school awards and baffled her instructors, but she cared little for school and, as soon as Audrey could leave the confines of formal education, she did. In 2003, Audrey had her first solo art exhibition at Mutiny Now Gallery in Denver. Many more shows were to follow as she tirelessly pursued her path up the ranks of showing her art in bookstores and coffeeshops, and doing menial jobs such as interior painting and technical sketches to pay the way. By the time Audrey was enrolling herself in Denver's Emily Griffith Institution of Vocation and Design, she was a working full time as a freelance artist. Her Education in fashion design helped mold the signature style Audrey's art carries today. at the dawn of 2009, Audrey moved to Los Angeles to expand her pool of opportunity. She, now, holds a curating position in Venice, California while she travels the United States with her art, doing, by majority, illustration, street vending and murals
KAFKA AT THE BEACH: A Layman's Handbook for Those Falsely Accused of Felonies by Steve Bevilacqua. Steve will be signing copies of his book at the festival. KAFKA AT THE BEACH: A Layman's Handbook for Those Falsely Accused of Felonies: A Venice hit-and-run accident snowballs into a year-long legal ordeal for the victim, with false charges, mandatory prison sentences, and court-ordered therapy…but it’s finally resolved on national TV at the hands of our modern-day Solomon, Judge Judy. KAFKA AT THE BEACH: A Layman’s Handbook for Those Falsely Accused of Felonies is a shocking yet hilarious tour of America’s justice systems, both real and televised.
Sebastian Carrillo: Life long artist and Venetian, avid skateboarder and Visual effects Artist by profession, my art is inspired by the long standing skate and surf culture that has defined Venice Beach, I have traveled and studied in the far east including Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and most recently China and bring a small amount of that influence into my creations.
ARTIST STATEMENT FOR CURRENT SERIES “The Show Must Go On” (the artist’s perspective) A multi-media series, oil, acrylic, charcoal, paper, lots of soul Being a woman dominated by the masculine society. Where do I fit in? We wear masks and perform in a male dominated world. Sex sells. No matter how we feel, we wear our masks and continue day to day, performing. The girls start in chalk and even some stay in that natural element while the ladies painted in man-made acrylic move to the front, in the spotlight. Being curvy and natural doesn’t fit the standard, or sell. Breaking out of the masculine box …. Becoming the feminine: the mother, lover, caregiver, healer. Parallelism, mirrored glances; we see each other the way we feel and think about ourselves, as we are all connected. We are each other. Multi-dimensional beings, existing in the same “space”, completely unaware of the other dimension, or of each other. Seeing women as who they are rather than what you think they should be. A celebration of women, by a woman. From my own view. Loving myself, Loving you. We are Each Other. One. Love, Brandy
Kimberly Eaton began her Art career at a very young age. She began drawing with pastels and won her first award on her first piece of amature artwork. Since then, she's received numerous ribbons, placed in shows, and sold her artwork to many Restaurants and collectors here in the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Spain, and Australia. Her Art evokes an etheral quality and is described sometimes as "soft, lovely, delicate and dreamlike as if you could step right into the painting." She find inspiration from her work in the Entertaintment Indusrty and frequently paints from a scene or film that inspires her.
Alex Avila
Alex Avila, originally from San Antonio, is a self-taught artist who made his start in art seven years ago around the time he moved to San Diego. He quickly fell in love with the city’s raw urban landscape, and its juxtaposition to the gritty harshness of the streets and the way in which it cavorted with the utopian illusion of archetypal sunny beaches that cast a semblance of the “tourist’s playground
The Living The DREAMING series has just begun (Fall 2013-current)...Space-horses and cosmic birds.. Blinking pink and purple clouds.. Shark.. Waves.. Neon light. Dark bridge. 

 A young boy peers out of an otherworldly blue-colored city window. Interior and exterior worlds collide creating multiple planes of reality. A blindfolded young woman bobs for apples hanging from strings in a heavenly haze. A spinning skull wearing a Santa Claus hat begins to levitate. Lit-up pools of water appear at times to lead to a floating Dynasty. Bizarre-colored photos reveal women in a kind of daze-luring in the dark, entwined in phone-chords, dancing down hallways- disappearing and re-appearing into the light from shadows. Some of the work is at times too private and provocative to be shown or talked about. Rituals. A secret video reveals valuable keys to the narratives-only a chosen few may witness it. Do you know the password? Tension of structure and desire in both distance and close proximity are considered, showing at once the comforting and the unsettling, an ecstatic vision, and a staged refraction. Influenced by experiencing the death of my mother at an early age, much of this work is about the cognition of memory, loss and the unknown. From 2006 to 2013, the Terribly Amazing series was about beauty and horror with multiple enigmatic and ambiguous overlapping and interwoven narratives and characters. A little girl in a bee-costume spins dizzily. Someone in a bunny-costume hops backward in slow-motion. An eye blinks. Upside-down palm-tree. Is she sleeping? Paintings, videos and sculptures of big-breasted mannequins smoke cigarettes while their clothes and arms fall off, hands go missing and sunglasses fall off their faces. Floating figures appear and disappear in different worlds. A tiger has his way with art-debris. The creatures become more monstrous over time, their melting claws grasping for exploding orange-paint-covered money, while oversized pills fall from above and "Paraphernalias" (flowers made of prescription-bottles) grow up from the cold concrete. A Male-figure with a tiger-head stands blinded with teeth-exposed. Pieces of a black-lit woman come together to form a snowflake. How many of them are there? Words and symbols are scratched and scrawled in chalk and paint onto canvas and bodies. A secret book appears out of nowhere-Where did it go!? The different pieces and mediums are abstract, fragmented, irrational, and sometimes very precise. The figures and the spaces they inhabit present concepts and metaphors about repression and excess, love and relationships, displacement and attachment, coming of age, identity and communication. This work remains objective by endorsing and undercutting, exploiting fantasy, reality, myth and fiction. The image vocabulary is familiar and iconic, as well as unknown and arcane. Avoiding rhetoric and political agenda, the work exhibits universal and idiosyncratic characteristics to communicate effectively. The work exploits various mediums, linking synesthetic properties, such as sound, movement, duration, scale and composition. Mood. Over-saturation with psychedelic color and hard-shadow creates interest and drama to enhance the memory of the experience through arousal - the figure communicates via psychological heuristics.
Sandra Zebi

Sandra Zebi is an artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil that came to Los Angeles in 1986. She was very intrigued and inspired by the cultural diversity that the city had to offer. Starting in 1991, she began a career as a ceramist and her work was popularly known as Zebi Designs, which launched a bold new journey marked by perseverance and idealism. She now works with various medias including acrylic paintings, digital art, and mixed media. Zebi's art has it's own style with distinct and vibrant colors. Her work is also made up of cheerful and graceful images, used to convey positive messages and spread her Brazilian culture. Her creativity is characterized by her unique style and has gained recognition and admiration throughout the community and abroad through her public sculptures and murals. She is a strong believer in "less is more" and expresses that in her art.
Todd Goodman
Drawing inspiration from his life’s passion for politics, travel, sports, and leisure, Todd has developed a bold and colorful style, which he defines as Psychedelic Realism: clean yet funky, straight but twisted, life in vibrant colors and forms as he sees it. “It’s all about facing the world with a positive attitude and taking life as it comes, open to a world of random chance and opportunity. One day at a time, you know, smiling, and trying to simply create.” His art reflects tremendously upon the passions he has developed through life, much of it deriving from travel, work, love and play. “Art is raw, unfiltered, expressions of life itself. There should be no pretension or constriction to life and art. It is what it is, each to his or her own. Try to have fun!” Todd Goodman’s work is held in private collections around the world, including Israel, Argentina, and throughout the U.S. He has an original drawing in the collection of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, which he presented to President Carter while interning at the Carter Center in 2006. His work will be featured at Hama Sushi in Venice from May-July 2014, he regularly participates in the Venice Art Crawl, has held public shows at Le Cellier Wine Bar in Marina del Rey, The Canal Club in Venice, the StreetCraft LA gallery in Santa Monica, the Venice Beach Surf and Skate Festival, the Abbott Kinney Festival (Venice, CA), Downtown L.A. Artwalk, and occasionally he can be found painting on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, in the Rose Ave. neighborhood.
Jose Angel Castro
1000 Words is a new body of multi-media photographic work by artist Jose Angel Castro currently showing at the newly minted Dogtown Space in Santa Monica. Jose Angel brings together portraiture and text in a refreshing interplay that coaxes his audience into an unexpected examination of beauty, art, and the impact of language. Printed in "blocs" on vintage book pages, mounted on reclaimed wood, and enhanced with the "playthings of his past", Jose Angel takes photographic presentation to a different level. The power of Jose Angel's artistry lies in his ability to recognize and capture the unique essence of each of his subjects to create images that are both real and compelling.
Dcastro has confirmed showing his art on May 31 at Venice Spring Fling! ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Born in Coromandel, Brazil, Dcastro began to express his talent as a child with drawings, paintings, and sculptures. As a teenager, he showed his work in galleries and cultural spaces in Uberlandia, Brazil. In 2009, inspired by the beauty of Venice Beach, CA he painted a series of watercolor paintings called “Thornton Tower” which was exhibited at the Brazilian Consulate Gallery in Los Angeles. Later he innovated the use of metal on canvas to create his “Metal” series. In 2010 he started to create paintings guided by a new artistic philosophy consisting of 7 major elements: Modernity, Contemporary, Innocence, Simplicity, Spirituality, Happiness and Poetry. The result of combining these seven elements make his work unique and has given him the opportunity to exhibit his art in various episodes of the popular television show “Californication” as well as his work appearing in a New York Times article about artist influence in Venice Beach. After exhibiting his work in many Los Angeles art galleries he now has his own space in Venice, CA where he shows his paintings.
Julio Martinez was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles,CA. Beginning at the very young age of 3 he began to develop an interest in figurative drawing and took on drawing human-like figures on home furniture. This interest in the arts continued to grow throughout the years and during high school, Martinez's art was more recognizable for the realistic style and detail of his portraits and many of his peers were even willing to commission his work. The drive to create and explore led Julio to invest his allowances into art making and learning to paint. Like many self-taught artists he studied some techniques of the old masters but quickly developed some of his own. In time Julio's paintings became more defined in style. His work transcended into simple but thought provoking contemplations of many aspects of human life; challenges, weakness, mystery- are just a few subjects that are in representation.

Born in Hawthorne, CA, Elza discovered her creative gift while attending Mt. San Antonio College in 2007. Her innate artistic eye led her to acquire a unique style of expression through the blending of colors. This, in turn, led to the fascination for different cultures that resonates in her unique, distinctive paintings - and her use of colors - all of which are enhanced by her eclectic style. Elza’s work has been exhibited in several galleries through out Southern California. She participates in a yearly Chicano art exhibit held at the DA Center for the arts in Pomona, CA. Elza is constantly exploring different cultures in order to expand and elevate her creative vision.

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