Venice Spring Fling
Brian Mylius

Brian Mylius is the resident artist at 20 Westminster Ave. He has been selling art in Venice for more than a decade and has had shows worldwide.
Audrey McNamara-Garcia
born and raised in Denver, CO, Audrey McNamara always showed talent for art. in school, she won many awards and honors for drawing and composition. after finishing a certificate program in professional sewing, audrey went on to apprentice under local muralists and take on work for hire illustration jobs, all the while, making time on the side to promote her fine art. these days, audrey enjoys a life in venice beach, CA, making a living as a freelance artist/illustrator.
art by sky
art by sky: Painting, for me, is an expression of my connection to the universe, the present moment and all that is. My paintings express my love of nature, beauty, light, & color. Painting is where I give thanks for all the beauty, joy, & abundance of the universe. I believe in a world of joy, peace, love & good will to all beings. Painting gives this world focus for me. It is my hope and belief that this joy & love is transferred to all who see my paintings. May they touch the light in you ! EN-JOY
Ra Ra SuperStar

Ra Ra Superstar will be in the Venice Spring Fling art show on May 30, 2015 - Internationally Known - Japan - Holland - LA - Italy - NYC - Miami - Jamaica - Africa and if u really want to know about me read on : Most people want to know how I started to paint . Since its such a big part of my life . Well I was in New York trying to find my self I was sleeping on the Brooklyn Bridge with my drum and my suitcase and I met an artist. His name was Pep. I spent 7 nights on the bridge, people would come and bring me food and drinks and all kind of kind gestures .Even the people who sold fruits and cakes in manhattan 3 times a week saw me living on the bridge and they all gave me free food wouldn let me pay I would drum all day and only leave the bridge to eat and use the restroom. I got to know the joggers, tourist and the people who comute every morning and would see me still sleep with my drum in my arms on the bench it was hard but I birth myself and in my darkest moment Pep showed up and offered me a night at his house to rest and eat so I went. I was amazed from the moment I walked in his house he painted on all the walls and there was nudes hanging on the walls everywhere and he lived with his agent who sells his art to his buddys he works with on Wall Steet. It was a flash and I wanted to be an artist from that moment well I called a friend to wire me money for a bus ticket then I went to Detroit and I hit the lottery and me and my daughter bought art supplies and painted my first picture together. Hometown: venice beach california Country: United States Occupation: international art superstar, Ra Ra has been selling Art on venice beach for 14 years.
Kerma Boyum-Sarmiento

Kerma Boyum-Sarmiento was born and raised in Montana. She moved to Colorado Springs, CO in 1985. Having an interest in physical fitness most of her life, she and her family all earned their Black Belts in Kempo Karate. She has also played volleyball, run, rode horseback, skied, and done almost anything that pertains to the outdoors. In fact, Kerma was a leader in the largest group in Colorado Springs, The Outdoor Club of Colorado Springs. When it comes to acting and modeling, she acquired an interest in 2004 and has been in several commercials, short films, hair shows and has done some promotional modeling. She has always maintained an interest in all things creative - from drawing, painting, cooking to sewing. More than anything, Kerma simply enjoys people and honest communication. Kerma holds an Associate Degree from Northern Montana College and is now a retired medical transcriptionist after owning her own business, North Springs Transcription. She was NASM certified and ran boot camps in the park with Royal Pain Workout.

Currently Kerma resides in Marina del Rey and rides the bike path through Venice regularly. The creativity of Venice is flowing through her veins and she has once again started painting.
Dave The Rainbow
Dave the Rainbow Influenced by the search for knowledge, I have been exploring the mysteries of this world and expressing myself through art. I graduated California state long beach with a film degree, learning the psychological influences the media has on the population of the world. Disgusted by the direction our country was heading under the "Bush and Cheney" years, I decided to enlighten and change the world from a fear based society, into a love based society through the means of raising consciousness and spreading love through art. I had a motto "make art not war" and painted almost every day for 7 years on the grass at CSULB, since I've graduated in 2007. My art consists of the exploration of love, symbolism, geometry, psychedelics, government conspiracies, religion, secret societies, ancient aliens and civilizations, yoga, astrology, tarot, metaphysics, and other esoteric topics. The synchronicity of my life has had me travel across the United States, Europe, Central and South America, exploring the mysteries of human civilization and life itself. I have exhibited my art in various exhibits in Southern California, and have live painted at various festivals along the west coast of the United States, Europe, and Central America. As a suburban shaman, I've been an instrument in local community building and healing through the arts. By listening to the signs of the universe, I have been on a synchronistic journey of exploration of my inner and outer world. I'm thankful to have found art as an appropriate form of expression outside of the restrictions of the English language. -Dave the Rainbow
Todd Goodman Arts
Todd Goodman Arts - After moving to Santa Monica in 2007, Todd immediately fell in love with the beach life, which heavily influenced the development of his artistic style and flavor, particularly surfing, skating and photographing Venice and Santa Monica. He also spent much of 2009-2010 selling his art and hand painted apparel on the Venice Boardwalk. Todd regularly participates in the Venice Art Crawl, has held public shows at Full Circle Venice, Le Cellier Wine Bar in Marina del Rey, Hama Sushi in Venice, The Canal Club in Venice, The Whaler in Venice, the StreetCraft LA gallery in Santa Monica, the Venice Beach Surf and Skate Festival, the Abbott Kinney Festival (Venice, CA), Downtown L.A.
Elizabeth Keating
Elizabeth Keating: Elizabeth’s love of color and design began as an Anthropology student in college,where she became fascinated by Eastern Art, Religion and Philosophy. The color and detail used in the Buddhist and Hindu Mandala as well as the Art of Henna Tattooing became the heart of her artistic inspiration. Since then she has studied ornamentation from a vartiey of culutres and historical periods, gathering influences from ancient religious and spiritual symbols. Her drawings are entirely free handed using colored pencil. With no plan or expected outcome. they are an “act of faith” These labor intensive drawings begin from a randomly selected starting point and expand and unfold moment by moment, color by color, shape by shape. She hopes that her drawings serve as an inspiration to their viewers to explore the unseen world, to let go of expectation, and to accept no limitations.
Alex Avila

Alex Avila, originally from San Antonio, is a self-taught artist who made his start in art 10 years ago around the time he moved to San Diego. He quickly fell in love with the city’s raw urban landscape, and its juxtaposition to the gritty harshness of the streets and the way in which it cavorted with the utopian illusion of archetypal sunny beaches that cast a semblance of the “tourist’s playground”.

Alex Avila’s art is ironically showcased in the sense that it takes the spectator (the REAL tourist) and shows that the truth, beauty, and pulsating nerve of San Diego lies much deeper beyond the city as being a destination to witness jumping orcas, the zoo, and the beaches.

He draws his inspiration from what he sees while riding the city’s public transit, walking the streets, and cycling through the various neighborhoods. The accoutrements of humanity’s darker sides are revealed using singular and sometimes dual, bold colors against the brushings that build the bones of that humanity: pain, love, loss, monotonous toil, survival, and the grind.

Avila’s subject matter is rich in multi-cultural representations that stream through portraits as well as urban landscapes. His work is also wide-ranging in theme. An example of this is noted in his depiction of women: they are not only sensual, exotic beings, but they are also etherealized as matriarchal strongholds to their communities.
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Free music and arts festival to kick off spring at the beach in sunny Venice, California!
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