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David Hinnebusch
David Hinnebusch is a "next- expressionistic" painter from Malibu with deep psychic roots in the bath of Venice Beach going back to the early to mid 1970s where at age 10 he would run around Brooks Ave. with his best friend Nickey Delmonte breaking wine bottles in the alley dumpsters and checking out all the naked ladies on the sand. Website
Barbara Lavery

Barbara Lavery - As a native of Ireland and resident Californian the experience of nature permeates my work. From the smell of eucalyptus and the play of light in the trees of San Francisco’s Presidio, to the seaside towns of Ireland with the hydrangeas and moss adding color to mercury seas, and now the swell of the ocean on Venice beach – my work is based on the memory of senses. What made us feel mysterious, expansive, embraced or threatened in our interaction with nature? How do things we smell, taste and touch influence our memory of place and time? Barbara has worked as a set and costume designer at the Abbey Theater in Ireland, an interactive agency executive in San Francisco and is now a full-time artist living in Venice, California. All works are mixed media – oil, watercolor, inks, chalk, graphite, and collage.
Pedro Corte jr
Pedro Cortes Jr I like to draw, always have. Just ask my parents or any of my childhood friends. Most of my inspiration for my drawings are from my past, so each one tells a different story. I have lived in both the West and East Coast, and a full year in Madrid, Spain. Through my travels in other countries, I have found many inspiring places to capture in the form of drawings which end up being very personal because they remind me of my experiences while discovering new and exciting places.
Joel Harris - After several years of success in the art world, I had the opportunity to take a transformative journey. I sold everything I owned, and traveled to Peru where I lived in a native Shipibo community near Pucallpa on the edge of the Amazon. After this 1-year break from painting, it was time to head back to America, where I currently live In Venice, CA.

My landscapes reflect my experience while traveling in Europe and South America. They express the stillness, presence, and peacefulness that I feel within. In 2008, when I became a father, I added small child-like houses, making my paintings light-hearted, playful, and whimsical. They help me reconnect with my own inner-child. My most recent body of work is a shift to painting from a deeper level of subconscious, unspoken inspiration and I enjoy sharing this with others. I have just published a memoir, which is a personal narrative of my search for Truth. I see a new world emerging from its dream of fear and separation, and I am excited to share my discoveries with others. New Memoir: Into The Amazon In Search Of Truth Website:

ART BY SKY will be in the art show at Venice Spring Fling on May 21, 2016. Painting, for me, is an expression of my connection to the universe, the present moment and all that is. My paintings express my love of nature, beauty, light, & color. Painting is where I give thanks for all the beauty, joy, & abundance of the universe. I believe in a world of joy, peace, love & good will to all beings. Painting gives this world focus for me. It is my hope and belief that this joy & love is transferred to all who see my paintings. May they touch the light in you ! EN-JOY
Brian Mylius

Brian Mylius will be in the art show on May 21, 2016. He is the resident artist at 20 Westminster Ave. He has been selling art in Venice for more than a decade and has had shows worldwide.
Christopher Ossorio

Christopher Ossorio - I am a local Los Angeles Oil painter experimenting with color and texture with a focus on the blurred lines between the non-objective (abstraction) and objective (figurative, landscape etc.) image.
Hippie Inc. by Michael Klassen
HIPPIE INC: The misunderstood subculture that changed the way we live and generated billions of dollars in the process (Boston: SixOneSeven Books) by Michael Klassen. Mike will be signing copies of his book on May 21, 2016 at Venice Spring Fling. BIO: Michael L. Klassen is a university professor, business consultant, and the author of five books and over 40 refereed articles. He received his Ph.D. in 1987 and since that time has spoken to audiences at national and international conferences and invited lectureships in Asia, Europe, and South America. His research has been featured on ABC 20/20 and he has appeared on Dateline NBC.

DESCRIPTION: Recommended for the National Book Award in nonfiction, Hippie Inc. is the outcome of an eight-year investigation into the commercial impact of approximately 800 members of the original group of Haight-Ashbury hippies. Dozens of interviews with hippie leaders, now in their seventies and eighties, revealed that between the fall of 1965 and the fall of 1967, thirty-five hippie leaders introduced forty innovative ideas and products that today are worth nearly a trillion dollars and employ millions of Americans. Beautifully illustrated with the work of celebrated American photographer, Herb Greene, Hippie Inc., is being made into a film by award-winning filmmaker, David O’Shields. American historian, John Johnson, states: Hippie Inc. will redefine the true contribution of the hippies to American society and its economy.” And former Merry Prankster, Haight-Ashbury hippie, author, and noted technology visionary, Stewart Brand, writes about the book: “It’s always lovely to see an untold interesting story gotten right. When most of America was suspicious of hippies, business people embraced us because we were honest and generous, and we embraced business right back.” —Stewart Brand Founder, Whole Earth Catalog On the Web at
Joel Harris

Joel Harris will also be signing copies of his memoir at Venice Spring Fling! I have just published a memoir, which is a personal narrative of my search for Truth. I see a new world emerging from its dream of fear and separation, and I am excited to share my discoveries with others. New Memoir: Into The Amazon In Search Of Truth

We are very grateful to debut Sobko's work in America. Sobko has a unique eye. In a stunning blend of textures and movement, her work evokes a futuristic, sometimes ancient, and often haunting mood. I chose this design for our first cover because we are merging spirituality with science to show that they are not at odds.
BirdJayne Kondo

BirdJayne Kondo, Japanese born part-time artist (painting, performance) lives in Venice and Santa Rosa. She carries and inherited an avant garde *Gutai* group founded in the mid 20 century in Japan.

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