Venice Spring Fling

Jessica Alfieri is a surrealist and fantasy artist. She currently showcases her art and face paints every Wednesday at Venice Beach Boardwalk. She loves the energy and diverse crowd that Venice brings. Her art exposes creatures and worlds that only the imagination can travel to. She hopes that her art can inspire and encourage those who want to break free from traditional social structures that may be hindering their ability to live a life full of passion and authenticity. She strongly believes that together humanity can create a world of creativity, harmony, and peace the more we learn to be true to ourselves and honor all life with unconditional love.

The only thing more fun than watching a child's face light up over a hoop is watching an adult beam like a little kid! Born May 1, 2010, from a love of hoop dance and fascination with shiny tape, Eclectic Hoops are a collection of hoop concepts, styles and tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources, all hand made in Venice, CA, using responsibly sourced materials. Too fun to feel like exercise, too beautiful to put down!

Vanessa Y. Gonzalez is a 2006 graduate in Art Education at California State University Northridge. Born and raised in Los Angeles County, she started her own business selling acrylic paintings she called Henna on Canvas. They were a series of freehand paintings in which she used fabric tube paint to draw henna designs on colorful backgrounds. The aesthetic paintings are a representation of the principles of art and design. She also creates handmade hair accessories, dreamcatcher charms, and jewelry.

After several years of success in the art world, Joel Harris sold everything he owned and traveled to Peru where he lived in a native Shipibo community near Pucallpa on the edge of the Amazon. After this one-year break from painting, he returned to Venice. His landscapes reflect his experiences while traveling in Europe and South America. They express the stillness, presence, and peacefulness that he feels within. In 2008, when he became a father, he added small child-like houses, which make his paintings light-hearted, playful, and whimsical. Harris has also written a memoir, Into the Amazon in Search of Truth.

Hodges Collection is the epitome of fashion that reflects the true California lifestyle, with flowing dresses made from luxurious fabrics. Any woman can wear these garments! Hodges pieces have the versatility of being worn casual by day and dressed up to wear out at night. Deana Hodges works tirelessly to promote fashion and philanthropy in Southern California as well as encourage a return to manufacturing in the United States. Ms. Hodges is also the Fashion Expert for the Nationally Syndicated Program, “The Dorinda Clark Cole Radio Show.” She provides fashion tips and updates to over 450,000 listeners each month.

Jediloves began drawing mandalas as a form of meditation, and it has evolved into an intricate and detailed practice. He is a self-taught artist who loves experimenting with different surfaces and materials, specifically ink pens and watercolors. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in California, he has always been fascinated by Venice's unique vibe.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Constance Jue's work is inspired by comic books and animation. She graduated from ArtCenter College of Design and is now a freelance artist. In her off times, you can find her walking her two shihtzus on the beach, or reading comics.

Heni has been doing macramé and dreadlocks since 2009. She learned the art of hairwrapping at famous K's Beads on South Padre Island, TX. A little section of hair is braided and wrapped with string into different colorful designs ending with a bead and charm. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and it will stay in for over three months. Heni's hair wrap art is fun for all ages!

Debbie Pauketat is an artist/illustrator who loves learning how to make just about everything with her hands. She appreciates things that are traditionally rejected by others, and is drawn to the imperfections of things and people, as if they were their own kind of perfection. Her work often emphasizes these perceived flaws, and draws from them their unique beauty. In a world of mass-production and automation, she creates by hand, constantly exploring her ability to create beyond the expected boundaries of art and craft. She has studied drawing, painting, sculpture, film, sewing, metalwork, jewelry, bookbinding, glasswork, musical instrument crafting, printmaking, as well as automotive principles and many diverse interests.

Rainbow on a Mission has set out on a journey of sharing color and joy wherever she may travel. She hand makes colorful, Day-Glo clothing and tapestries with love, and wants to share that love with others. Her mission is to create art that brings smiles to many faces. Her media include tie-dye, spray paint, and marbling, which allows for infinite and surreal interpretations of colors and patterns. Her exquisite notecards demonstrate her extreme talent in the field of marbling, which she calls, “An abstraction of the flows and ripples that are left by our path.”

Pecking Away at the Madonna is the first collection of poems by Joy Rosenberg. Influenced by her study of the texts, philosophies, and practices of world religions, her writing forges a discovery of the intersection of the Self and the Divine. Hailing from New Jersey, Joy has made Venice home for 15 years. She has been influenced by the Beat writers, specifically Beat women, some of whom she pays homage to in the book. Stop by the booth from 2-3 P.M., read some poems about Venice, traveling, and soul diving, and feed your own poetic muse.

Local southern California artist Twisted Flamingo, or Cambria, has been drawing and painting since she was five years old. Since then she has accomplished numerous awards and events for her creativity. Recently, she has been cast twice as a featured artist at the RAW Artists events in Hollywood and San Diego. Rembrandt's use of high contrast light is expressed in her paintings. Her realistic surreal imagery takes the viewer on a dreamlike journey.

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Venice Spring Fling 7, A Free Music and Arts Festival
Saturday, May 20, 2017, 11am - 7pm
Windward Plaza Park, between the boardwalk and the bike trail at the west end of Windward Avenue in Venice, CA, 90291
Free music and arts festival to kick off spring at the beach in sunny Venice, California!
Additional Information available at

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