Venice Spring Fling
These bands and performers were featured at last years show at Windward Plaza Park, Saturday, May 12, 2012

Barry THE FISH Melton w Hinton Saunders Kravitz
Barry THE FISH Melton w Michael Hinton, Tony Saunders, Andy Kravitz Barry: In 1965, I co-founded the musical group Country Joe and the Fish, and began my career as a guitarist and singer, recording and touring with "Country Joe" McDonald as a duo and with various bands, with my own bands and as a solo artist under the name Barry "The Fish" Melton. I have continued to play music during the course of my legal career, including a long stint with Dinosaurs, a band of 60s veterans that has at various times included Peter Albin and David Getz ( Big Brother and the Holding Company), John Cipollina and Greg Elmore (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Papa John Creech (Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship), Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane and New Riders of the Purple Sage), Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead lyricist), David LaFlamme (It's a Beautiful Day), Jerry Miller (Moby Grape) and the incomparable Merl Saunders on keyboards. ++++ Michael Hinton taught himself how to play guitar in 1967, during the Summer Of Love in San Francisco. He's an improviser, who's guitar solos tell a story. He's recorded with Mickey Hart, Joan Baez, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Merl Saunders, Barry Melton, John Cipollina, David Grisman, and Roky Erickson. ++++ Tony Saunders is the bassist who can play all styles of music. Growing up around his Dad the legendary Merl Saunders, Tony learned to play with Jerry Garcia one day and Johnny Mathis the next day. Tony has played with Barry Melton whenever needed and they always play really great together. Tony new Solo CD "Romancing The Bass" remains on charts throughout the world. ++++ Andy Kravitz has created music in the studio for a wide range of award winning Artist's including Lana Del Rey, Imogen Heap, Sting, Billy Joel, The Rolling Stones, Joan Osborne and James Taylor, Taj Mahal, Shawn Colvin,Los Lobos,and Daryl Hall to name a few. Andy received the 2010 Grammy Nomination for his participation on 'Best Pop Instrumental Album' by Robbie Krieger of the DOORS, titled 'Singularity' with Andy on drums and percussion. It will be an intimate jam of veterans at the Venice Spring Fling on May 12, 2012
Tracii Guns League of Gentlemen
Tracii Guns’ League of Gentlemen have confirmed their performance on May 12, 2012!! They are redefining Classic Rock with an amazing lineup of musicians including: Tracii Guns - Guitars Scott Foster Harris - Vocals Doni Gray - Drums Steve Preach - Guitars, Piano ,Organ Johnny Martin – Bass
LOONER's original songs are both danceable and hauntingly melodic. Driven by rhythms which reveal caribbean, alt rock and dance roots, their melodies evoke both memory and fantasy, while Zoë's sultry voice undresses you and welcomes you to move through the imagery that unfolds. Debuting a 5 piece band at Venice Spring Fling in support of their new collection of music, LOONER is excited to be returning to the stage. Featuring long time drummer/percussionist for Ziggy Marley, Angel Roché Jr., film composer/artist/singer, Zoë Poledouris Roché, keyboardist Damon Ramirez (Fungo Mungo, Oslo), bassist Michelle Rangel (Go Betty Go) and newcomer Yuichiro Asami on guitar. Their latest album for indie label Avian Recording Company, "Year of the Ox", is being released one track at a time along with a music video and unique cover art done by various local artists. The first song to drop is "Make It Happen", a Steady Rock anthem for 2012, now available as a free download. Download the song and watch the video for "Make It Happen" at LOONER's official site -
Picture this: You find yourself surrounded in darkness. With no clue as to your location, you realize only that you are engulfed in the heat of a sea of sweaty bodies grooving together. As you begin to move your feet to the beat, the driving rhythms of the drums lead you to quickly conclude that you’re at Carnival in Brazil. Moments later, however, a funky synth bass and rhythm guitar start to lay down a groove saturated in the filthiest funk, and you speculate that perhaps you’ve been transported back in time to an underground funk club. Just then a red-hot horn section enters, and you are now completely befuddled. Are you marching at Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Are you partying in Rio? Are you dancing on the coast of California, or perhaps Jamaica? As the lights begin to slowly illuminate the stage before you, it all starts to make sense. You are right smack in the middle of the funkiest dance party in town. You are at the Delta Nove show! Delta Nove’s sound borrows from cultures around the globe, including but not limited to: American funk and rock, Caribbean calypso and reggae, and Brazilian samba drumming. This unique blend of drums, guitars, horns, and electronic colors calls to mind the grooves of Parliament Funkadelic, the horns of Earth Wind and Fire, the diversity of Manu Chao, and the psychedelic improvisation of the Grateful Dead. Delta Nove creates a fresh experience each time; Set lists never repeat, and shows often include surprise guest appearances. This has contributed winning “Best Live Act” for two consecutive years at the Orange County Music Awards and being listed as a “Top Ten Band to See” by Jambase. Additionally, Delta Nove has been on countless national tours and festivals, performing with the likes of, Ozomatli, String Cheese Incident, Burning Spear, Poncho Sanchez, Dr. John, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Funky Meters, and more. Delta Nove has maintained an exhaustive touring schedule, adding significantly to their already-impressive resume. With over a decade of experience on the road, the veteran band performs at a level only seasoned road-warriors can achieve, and has garnered a strong reputation with audiences from coast to coast as one of the hardest-working and tightest bands on the independent music scene. Beyond simply creating music, Delta Nove has made it a priority to give back to the community, performing at social benefits, community events, universities, and public schools. As the band keeps doing what they love to do, they continue their pursuit of positive, uplifting music, giving back to the community, and staying fresh and creative. DELTA NOVE IS: Bobby Easton – Guitars, Percussion, Vocals Dominic Feedam – Drums, Percussion, Vocals Viking Burkhiser – Bass, Percussion, Vocals Nic Chaffee – Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Vocals Justin Padilla – Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Percussion, Vocals Rodney De Asis – Percussion John “Fingaz” Caldwell – Keyboards

Braw Braw combines surf-reggae/ska vibes with rock and jazz influence - a bit dark and moody as much as bright and sunny. Braw is spectral - serious in an unserious fashion. Based out of sunny Venice Beach California, the sexy quartet include guitarist Crash, who started the band in 2010, Norwood Fisher, bassist extraordinaire of Fishbone, Terrance Harrison on drums, and the alluring Rachel Toczko as lead vocalist.
Michael's music is a journey in time & space fueled by his passion for music & the guitar with all her different colors & emotions. Michael's influences are very multicolored & involve different styles, continents and time periods mixed in a unique & virtuoso blend of musical flavors. Live or on in the studio... Expect to be surprised...
Corty Byron
Corty Byron started his life in music at a very early age. While most of his High School classmates were gearing up for a driver's license, Corty was busy writing songs and trying to figure out Hendrix licks on his guitar. His father, Cortlan Byron Sr. (a veteran musician in his own right) laid the foundation for his son's music growth and can still be seen performing with him today. Byron's self education of classic rock set him apart from many of the younger musicians cropping up around him. By age 16 he had formed a band called, The Green Onions that would quickly become a staple of the central Pennsylvania music scene. Over the next few years, Corty and his band made two full length original albums ("The Green Onions" in 2005 and "Down The Drain" in 2007), sold out four performances of their multi media production, "Dark Side of The Onions: The Music of Pink Floyd", and shared the stage with artists like The Doobie Brothers (opened for the group twice, with Corty being asked to sit in at both shows), Bruce Hornsby, Hot Tuna, Vanilla Fudge and the Gin Blossoms. As time passed, Byron's songwriting abilities became more refined, mature and introspective. In the summer of 2009 he booked a session at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN and demoed much of the material that would make up his first solo album, "Endless North" (released April 2010 ). The songs range from hard hitting 70's style rock to acoustic based Americana. The album flows with delicate precision as Corty weaves his seasoned, soulful voice with refreshing guitar tones, eerie imagery and raunchy vintage-ness, giving Byron a sound that is all his own. In January 2011, Corty performed as an opener for rock legend, Gregg Allman, when his Low Country Blues tour made a stop at the American Music Theater in Pennsylvania. October 2011 was a monumental month for Byron as he released a three song EP titled, "Histrionic" and set out on the road for a month long cross country gigging trip, taking him to a new musical base in Venice Beach, California. Byron may have made his mark early on as a brash, young, guitar slinging classic rocker but, with the release of "Endless North" and "Histrionic", his current path as a rock & roll road hound has successfully transformed him into one of the most promising artists of the new decade... an artist whose career it seems, has just begun. Corty Byron
Stephanie Lallouz
Making an Acoustic appearance on May 12! Stephanie Lallouz Born in Montreal, Canada with a musical and artistic upbringing. Raised in North Miami Beach, Florida. She began singing in the elementary school chorus while simultaneously attending art & drawing classes on weekends. She spent her summers performing as the lead Soprano in the Folk Song Festivals for Camp PineValley in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. She studied operatic vocal training at the age of fifteen with a private coach in Montreal, Quebec. Stephanie continued to study theater, acting and voice through out junior high school and college. She majored in International Relations at MDCC and Florida International University. She completed an Art Degree at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, Colorado. Stephanie is performing, writing music, and poetry since her youth. Shares the stage with many accomplished & great talents and now resides in California. She was nick-named “HunnyBunch” by a San Francisco Radio Personality.
Marc Blackbird
Marc Blackbird Multi – instrumentalist / producer Marc Blackbird is a songwriter and beat maker who plays guitar, bass, and piano. His influences come from his upbringing in NYC, and its diversity. “Growing up in queens, I had the best of all worlds, on one side you had the hip-hop revolution with Run DMC, and the other had rock royalty with Kiss and the Ramones being neighborhood legends. I took it all in. I was on the streets in break dance battles, and in the clubs with the rockers. I always thought that combining these sounds could really elevate and bring people together.” As the “Beat Guru” for rave-rock band Champa 51 his is production work has served up ....“Seductive hip-hop grooves and soulful textures” – Music Connection. His guitar style has been compared to Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, and The Edge.
Candygram For Mongo
Candygram For Mongo is the greatest party alive in Los Angeles. Booming guitars… Driving Rhythm…Melodies that can raise the dead. And who is bringing the thunder? Tony Shea - The Voice, Gary Sharp - The Drums, Dan Cohen - The Guitar, and James Baker - The Bass. Candygram for Mongo has been rocking Los Angeles since 2005. They combine the very best of rock, power-pop, and country with anthems that keeps crowds cheering. Witness the rock-n-roll resurgence that is Candygram For Mongo for yourself. Having played with national acts including Hootie & The Blowfish, Rooney, The B-52s, Steel Panther, and The Smithereens as well as performing regularly at world famous venues such as The Viper Room, The KeyClub, and The House of Blues, has garnered Candygram For Mongo an ever growing fan base not only in their home city, but across the country and around theworld. But be warned - Candygram For Mongo will not be held liable for any melted faces, blown minds, and/or pregnancies that may occur while listening to their unique brand of rock-n-roll.
THE BAND: Drew Jager - Vocals Tyler "D.T." Anderson - Guitar Jermone "JBZ" Beasley - Bass Danny "G" Giannetto - Drums What do you get when you combine a phenomenal drummer from Cleveland, an indescribable guitarist from South Dakota, a smooth but powerful bassist from Los Angeles and an unbelievable melodic reggae singer from Hawaii? You get nothing less than FLY N LION!!! By far one of Venice Beach's best musical products. After wooing venice tourists and locals alike for almost 2 years, and Headlining the world famous whisky a go-go in Hollywood, they are ready to release their original debut album titled A.D.H.D. (A.ttention D.eficit in H.igh D.efinition) and more than ready to take part in their first outdoor music festival, and what better way to do that than @ The Venice Spring Fling. Fly N Lion never Disappoints and ALWAYS leaves you wanting more.... ALWAYS! Getting to play in your own backyard is always a treat! Fly w da Lion here are the links:
Street Smart

Street Smart will open the show on May 12, 2012 at 11 Am sharp. Street Smart is performing in acknowledgement of all the street musicians that perform in Venice everyday. The best of the season will be featured during their set with special guest appearances. Peter Demian is a veteran performer of Venice Beach. His original songs embody the gritty feel of the streets with powerful vocals, raw passion, and soul. Like troubadours of the past Peter brings people together through music. He performs regularly on the Venice Boardwalk and at events such as Venice Beach Carnavale, and Abbott Kinney Festival. Street Smart is primarily a concept and is historically whoever shows up on the day to play with Peter on the street (usually in front of the Sidewalk Cafe). Gregory Cruz (Venice Street Legends) has performed for many years with Peter as Street Smart, on stellar lead guitar and vocal harmonies. Peter's son Hailey Lincoln Demian will join him on bass and vocal harmony,
Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater

Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater has confirmed they will be performing on May 12, 2012.
ATS Bellydance and Drums

ATS Bellydance and Drums have confirmed 2 performances on May 12, 2012. Looking forward to having everyone back in Venice to dance again!!! Thank You!

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